Be like Nike and Just Do It!

Receiving a grant to help fund my dreams! Photo by my dad, Eric H. Hollaway Sr.

Owning a children’s bookstore has been a dream of mine for quite sometime. Back in 2010 I was, for a brief moment serious about the endeavor. What stopped me was competition; another local was already in the works to open a children’s bookstore in St. Pete. Their vision didn’t pan out and 7 years later St. Pete is still without a children’s bookstore.

Fear is something that can definitely hold you back, IF you allow it!

In January 2017 I was told about a program held by Tampa Bay Black Business Investment Corporation. Their C.A.T.C.H program, a 15 week  course on how to operate a successful business. After completion of the program your business receives a grant, on top of that 18 months of mentorship!

Once again fear set in and I almost let it dictate my decision of applying. Telling myself I’m not ready, there’s more deserving businesses, all kinds of malarkey. I turned my application in on the very last day, 15 mins before applications closed. A few days later I got a call, I was accepted into the program and have been on cloud nine ever since. My motto for 2017 has been “Whatever God has for me is mine!”.

Going through the program gave me so much confidence to make my dreams a reality! So many people have been so supportive in cheering me on.

If you or someone you know is a entrepreneur of either Hillsborough or Pinellas county and are at the pre-startup phase or already in business, please check out Tampa Bay Black Business Investment Corp.  for more information on how they may be able to  assist you in making your entrepreneurial dreams a reality!

Until next time,

Peace, Love, & Books!

Introduce Yourself!

Image by Cathy Carter via WUSF News

Hi! My name is Lori (yeah)
and I’m a bookseller (yeah)
and Ima be a bookseller everyday of my life:)

I’m Lorielle; homeschooling mama of two, picture book connoisseur, and on a pursuit to bring a children’s bookstore to my hometown of St. Petersburg, FL!

One of my fondest memories growing up was the bookstore adventures my dad would take my siblings and I on. We’d start the day early, Toys R’ Us for the latest Hot Wheels release, then Barnes & Noble; flipping through magazines or lost somewhere in the children’s section, and if we had time you could find us at Borders shopping for CD’s.

I have some great memories involving books! My hope is for Cultured Books to create some great memories as well. I want Cultured Books to be St. Pete’s literary haven where families come to discover new worlds, learn about different cultures and find great children’s literature. I have so many ideas I cant wait to put into action!

Thank you so much for visiting the blog and come back for more as I post periodically about the progress in bringing Cultured Books to St. Pete!


Peace, Love, & Books!