Introduce Yourself!

Image by Cathy Carter via WUSF News

Hi! My name is Lori (yeah)
and I’m a bookseller (yeah)
and Ima be a bookseller everyday of my life:)

I’m Lorielle; homeschooling mama of two, picture book connoisseur, and on a pursuit to bring a children’s bookstore to my hometown of St. Petersburg, FL!

One of my fondest memories growing up was the bookstore adventures my dad would take my siblings and I on. We’d start the day early, Toys R’ Us for the latest Hot Wheels release, then Barnes & Noble; flipping through magazines or lost somewhere in the children’s section, and if we had time you could find us at Borders shopping for CD’s.

I have some great memories involving books! My hope is for Cultured Books to create some great memories as well. I want Cultured Books to be St. Pete’s literary haven where families come to discover new worlds, learn about different cultures and find great children’s literature. I have so many ideas I cant wait to put into action!

Thank you so much for visiting the blog and come back for more as I post periodically about the progress in bringing Cultured Books to St. Pete!


Peace, Love, & Books!

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